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Our test offers safety and accuracy without being invasive

Predicts glaucoma risk


*TAX included
  • Take care, inform yourself, do not risk.
*TAX included
  • Take care, inform yourself, do not risk.

About us

quantusGL is a non-invasive, fast and easy-to-use test for the detection of glaucoma from fundus images of the retina.

Its technology is based on the quantitative analysis of the texture of the fundus image obtained by ocular retinography.

By simply analyzing and classifying images, quantusGL determines the probability of glaucoma within minutes.

quantusGL has been designed with a clear focus on the general population and aims to be a glaucoma detection tool, being of great help in screening patients with risk factors and prioritizing waiting lists. The possibilities of using the product will be diverse, ranging from a medical office in primary care to the ophthalmology or optometry unit. The specialist, always trained, classifies the images using visual patterns and quantusGL gives a percentage of risk of glaucoma.

Personalized medicine

quantusGL is presented as a web application easy to use by specialists that allows them to analyze and classify images, determining the probability of glaucoma in just a few minutes.






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Our patients have access to have their quantusGL test performed in a wide network of clinics. You can contact us directly so that we can tell you which clinic is closest to you and you can have the test performed. The specialists will provide you with a detailed report.


Our test is non-invasive, based on fundus images of the retina.


quantusGL is a test that has excellent sensitivity and specificity values.


You will receive your report in the same office in a matter of minutes.


1. You buy the test through this page and you receive the authorization code in your email.
2. You look for the nearest center where you can take the test, you will receive the list in an email, or ask us and we will inform you.
3. You call the center and schedule an appointment for the test.
4. You go to the center on the appointed day and show the authorization code. They will take a retinal fundus image in order to perform the test and will give you the result report immediately.

The test you purchase on this page includes:
- Fundus image analysis.
- Results report in electronic format.

The test does not include:
- The doctor's consultation (ask the doctor about the possible cost)
- Other complementary tests

quantusGL has been designed with a clear focus on the general population and is intended to be a glaucoma screening tool, being of great help in the screening of patients at risk and prioritization of waiting lists. Therefore, anyone can take the test at any time.

You can discuss with your doctor the existence of quantusGL and if you want to take the test you can go to one of the referenced centers where they will give you a report that you can then send to your doctor to be included in your medical record.

If your doctor wants to have more information about quantusGL and wants to try it, he/she only has to consult the web page www.quantusGL.com where he/she will have all the clinical information.

We have at your disposal professionals who will guide you to tell you which clinic you should go to for your test. Contact us by e-mail at info@transmuralbiotech.com or by phone at +34 931190229 and +34 626667989.